Human beings—especially music fans over the age of, say, 25—usually assume that the present is worse than the past. That the culture has lost its way. But pop music never really changes all that much. It’s catchy and romantic and adolescent. Sometimes it’s disposable. Sometimes it sticks with you. At its best, a pop song can give you three minutes of pure pleasure without asking all that much in return.
Andrew Romano about pop music in his Midnight Memories review “Why Grown-Ups Should Give One Direction a Chance”, and telling it how it is [x]
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ienjoihandsomemen: Fun fact: you were the very first one direction blog I followed(:

aw that’s nice :) not much of a one direction blog anymore though haha

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who’s that perfect boy over there


oh just me

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if i were to be on a party bus with harry styles i wouldn’t put that shit all over the media man

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